Shire Ancestry Website

The Shire Ancestry Website was first launched in July 2007. The intent of this site is to create a web presence for the storage of ancestral information of the Shire family as well as connected families. The hope is that we will also create a communication center for Shire Family members to find each other, share histories, and overcome research obstacles.


As this website continues to be developed, your feedback regarding its content is critical to its continual improvement. Submit your suggestions for additional content or features, documents or information confirming ancestral links, or corrections to names, dates, or information listed in these pages.


I hope you enjoy this site and find its content helpful in your search. Whether you are a genealogy bug researching your family history, or simply have an interest in browsing through your family history, you will hopefully find The Shire Ancestry Website to be a great resource for you.


Your contributions are encouraged. Submit additional content, suggestions or requests for information to the web administrator, Dan Shire.


Follow the links above to begin searching our database, view photos or see the latest blog entries. Enjoy!


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