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51 Ann Shire's (signed Anna Scheier) Will:

Children mentioned : Susanna the wife of Joshua Tilton, Mary the wife of Henry Brenneman, Elizabeth, and John

Executor : Peter Bishop

Witnessed by Matthias Young and Philip Gloninger

Land bequeathed to Elizabeth : lot adjoining those of John Woelfley, Samuel Crouse, and others.

"Set my hand and seal" : 26 Feb 1805
Proved : 14 Sep 1807

Karcher, Anna (P2309759489)
52 Anna and Conrad's daughter Susannah was baptized in 1782 with Wilhilm Karcher and wife Eva as sponsors.

Karcher, Anna (P2309759489)
53 Anna's will mentions:
Susanna the wife of Joshua Filton 
Shire, Susannah (P2368319645)
54 Antonette died of chronic myocarditis and vascular fibrillation at the age of 82 on 23 August 1926. The attending physician, Dr. A.O. Swenson, had been treating her for pulmonary congestion since August 15. She is buried next to Charles in Forest Hill Cemetery. There is no probate record.

Engebretsdatter Baardseth, Antonette (P2312668561)
55 Assumed based on death information of children Hupperts, Magdalena (I837)
56 Assumed based on marriage date and children birthdates Hupperts, Magdalena (I837)
57 At the age of 3 Clarence was playing in the yard while his father and uncles were cutting silage. The men were waiting for some more trucks to come in and dump the silage onto the conveyor. Catherine (mother) spotted Clarence climbing up on to the conveyor and was screaming to John and the other men but the conveyor was so noisy that they did not hear her. Clarence rode the conveyor all the way to the cutting blade and was cut in two. He lived a couple of hours before he died.  Spader, Clarence J (I3)
58 August 1, 1864, the three years having expired, and while the Regiment was in sight of Atlanta, orders were received for the Regiment to report at Camp Butler, Ill., for muster-out, which event occurred September 5, 1864.

The men of the Twenty-fifth Illinois traveled on foot during the three years, 3,252 miles, and by steamboat and railroad 1,710 miles, making a total of 4,962 miles.

The Regiment participated in the battles of Pea Ridge, Ark., Stone River, Tenn., Chickamuaga, Ga., Missionary Ridge, Tenn., Siege of Corinth, Miss., Kenesaw Mountain, Ga., Siege of Atlanta, Ga., and innumerable skirmishes.

When the term of service of the Twenty-fifth had expired, Colonel W. H. Gibson, commanding the Brigade to which the Regiment was attached, addressed the men, through an order, in this highly complimentary manner:

"Soldiers of the Twenty-fifth Illinois Volunteers: As your term of three years service has expired, and you are about to proceed to your State to be mustered out, it is fitting and proper that the Colonel commanding should express to each and all his earnest thanks for the cheerful manhood with which, during the present campaign, you have submitted to every hardship, overcome every difficulty, and for the magnificent heroism with which you have met and vanquished the foe. Your deportment in camp has been worthy true soldiers, while your conduct in battle has excited the admiration of your companions in arms. Patriotic thousands and a noble State will give you a reception worthy of your sacrifice and your valor. You have done your duty. The men who rallied under the starry emblem of our nationality at Pea Ridge, Corinth, Champlin Hills, Stone River, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Noonday Creek, Pinetop Mountain, Kenesaw Mountain, Chattahoochie, Peach Tree Creek and Atlanta, having made history for all time and coming generations to admire, your services will ever be gratefully appreciated. Officers and soldiers, farewell!! May God guarantee to each health, happiness and usefulness in coming life, and may our country soon emerge from the gloom of blood that now surrounds it, and again enter upon a
career of progress, peace and prosperity". 
Lewis, James Foster (P2324141889)
59 Birth Date calculated from headstone Pulver, Kittie A (I830)
60 Birth Date calculated from headstone. Servis, Eliza (P2518928896)
61 Blasers Reformed Church. Sponsors William Kircher and Anna Fissel Schocker, John William (I838)
62 Burial in Pleasant View Cemetery, Thornton, Cerro Gordo, Iowa (see below) Pulver, Mary Elizabeth (I831)
63 Burial in South Paw Paw Cemetery, Paw Paw Illinois. (see below) Servis, Eliza (P2518928896)
64 Burial in Western Cemetery, College, Linn, Iowa (see below)

Memorial headstone in Elmira Cemetery with husband Ambrose 
Woodward, Alice J (I827)
65 Can't be sure this baptism record is our Conrad. However, the date, the mother's name "Magdalena", and the location help it to make the list of possibilities.

The source referenced on is "Germany, Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898" through FamilySearch.

The father's name is listed as "Heinrich Schuer". Mother is listed as "Magdalena Hupperts".

More research is needed to prove/disprove this lead. 
Shire, Conrad (P2309759180)
66 Cause of death: Childbirth Shire, Elisabeth (P2368319796)
67 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P2369419109)
68 Charles died at home in Cotton, Minnesota, at the age of 71. He died of pulmonary tuberculosis, after an estimated duration of six months according to his attending physician, Dr. D.E. Siashon, who last saw him alive on 3 July 1916. He is buried in Duluth's Forest Hill Cemetery.

His will, dated 8 July 1916, was witnessed by John Peterson and Hans L. Carter, both of Cotton. His estate, consisting of $1,600 in personal property, named Antonette as executrix. It was probated shortly after his death. 
Liljequist, Carl Wiktor Gustafsson (P2312668356)
69 Christ Evangelical Church in Elizabethtown:
Born 05 Feb 1790
Bapt. 21 Mar 1790
Dau. of Conrad Sheyer and Anna
Sponsors Conrad Mayer and wife Elisabet 
Shire, Elisabeth (P2368319796)
70 Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Elizabethtown:
Joh. [sic]
b. 26 Feb 1788
bapt. 2 Jun 1788
son of Conrad Scheyer and Anna
Sponsors J. Wolfle and wife Elisabet

Shire, John (P2309759071)
71 Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Elizabethtown:
b. 04 Feb 1782
bapt. 31 Mar 1782
Dau. Of Conrad Scheuer and Anna
Sponsors Wilhilm Karcher and wife Eva

Shire, Susannah (P2368319645)
72 Cloice first shows up on the 1880 census as "Clarence" Kissel, the adopted son of Christopher and Rebecca Hollinger. Hollinger, Cloice Elvie (I18)

According to the Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume IV, by Baldwin, there was apparently a codicil to the will dated Deceber 10, 1715, naming a daughter Margaret, born after the original writing of the will, who was to share with the other children in lands in Virginia, and that son Elijah was to live with his mother until he reached twenty-one years of age.

The Trustees for the children named in the will are: Thomas Nottley Goldsmith, brother of Margaret Goldsmith Maddox; Samuel Maddox and John Maddox, brothers of the Testator. 
Maddox, Notley (P2337279609)
74 Communion record dated 17 Jun 1780 showing Anna Schakkerin "widow" took communion on that date. (Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Elizabethtown).

Karcher, Anna (P2309759489)
75 Community Profile 
Zarat, William Joseph (P2415076596)
76 Conrad enlisted on 01 Oct 1776 in the 12th Pennsylvania Regiment, which later merged with the 3rd Pennsylvania regiment. He became a Corporal by Feb 1777 and ultimately an Ensign in the 4th Battalion.

His Regiment is listed in several battles, where Conrad may have seen action:

- Bound Brook; 12 Apr 1777
- Piscataway; 10 May 1777
- Short Hills; 26 Jun 1777
- Brandywine; 11 Sep 1777
- Germantown; 04 Oct 1777
- Monmouth; 28 Jun 1778

Brigadier General Thomas Conway's brigade (included the 12th and 3rd Regiments) wintered with the rest of the army at Valley Forge. It is possible that Conrad was there with his Regiment. 
Shire, Conrad (P2309759180)
77 Conrad Scheir married to Anna Karcherin, widow of Schakkar 30 Apr 1781 (Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Elizabethtown). Family F34
78 Conrad Scheir’s Will:
Children mentioned – Susy, Polly, and John
Wife – Nancy
“Set my hand and seal” – 22 Jul 1788
Executors – John Wolfley (renounced) and wife Nancy
“signed sealed and declared” in the presence of John McLaughlin and John Wolfley – 23 Mar 1790 
Shire, Conrad (P2309759180)
79 Court document (See William Russell Howard) states death date ___ Oct 1870.

Geauga County Archives state "Martha B Fankell" death date 20 Oct 1870.
23y 7m; Brights Disease

"Howard Genealogy - A Genealogical Record" by Jarvis Cutler Howard states death date 28 Aug 1880.

Howard, Martha B (I1446)
80 Court document (See William Russell Howard) states marriage date of 15 Aug 1867.

"Howard Genealogy - A Genealogical Record" by Jarvis Cutler Howard states marriage date 11 Aug 1869.

Geauga County Archives shows:
License Date: 03 Aug 1867 "Finkell"
Marriage Date: 13 Oct 1867 "Fankell"

Family F1648
81 Currently no land records have been found for Jacob Shire in Darke County, Ohio. The 1850 census shows his family enumerated between the families of James Bayman and Abraham Byrd. It is possible that Jacob's family lived on the land owned by one of these two men. Perhaps rented from them or worked the land in exchange for housing.

View the plot map of Wayne Township 1857:

Shire, Jacob (P2308090792)
82 Date and location from undocumented family tree information.

Family F436
83 David B Shire was the first child of Jacob and Catherine Boyer Shire, born in Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. When he was about ten years of age, he migrated with his family to Darke Co. Ohio (on the Western side of Ohio). The family was on the 1840 census in Darke Co. It is assumed the family lived on a farm although there is no record of Jacob Shire having owned any land. The area was still raw and timber had to be cleared to create cropland. Of course land had to be cleared by hand labor and logs moved by Oxen Team. Neighbors usually worked together in clearing land, exchanging labor. There seems to be no written record of the Shire Family in Darke Co.

Circumstantial evidence inidicates that Catherine's sister, Elizabeth Boyer Brubaker and husband, Christian Brubaker and family came with the Jacob Shire family to Darke Co in 1840. Both the Brubakers and the Shires lost family members while in Darke Co. and they are buried in Stoner Cemetery, Adams Twp. In fact, Catherine's mother, Elizabeth Baker Boyer, is buried in Stoner Cemetery. Catherine's father, David Boyer died in 1822 in Lancaster Co. of Tuberculosis.

The price of public land in Darke Co. was $2.00 per acre and the purchaser was required to pay one quarter down. The people lived frugally, labored diligently, minded their own business, helped their neighbors, and were accorded the favor and blessing of their God. When Jacob and family came to Darke Co. about 25% of the land had been cleared. There was still an abundance of live Poplar, Walnut, Blue Ash, Beech, Hickory and Sugar Maple trees and a large number of Peat Bogs. By that time, cleared land was producing excellent wheat and there was fine grazing. The Woods still abounded in wild game.

Jacob and Catherine Shire were said to have joined the United Bretheren Church in Darke Co. While in Darke Co., David grew to manhood and married Sarah Dersham. His brother Christian married Martha Fletcher and sister, Rebecca married Christian Hollinger. In 1856-1859, the Shire families moved to Crawford Co. Illinois except the Hollinger settled in Indiana. It is probably that the families moved to Illinois by Oxen teams and covered wagons.

David and Sarah were parents of 4 children born in Darke County. George W. in 1855; Jacob Calvin; Rebecca; Francis M. Rebecca died young and is buried in Stoner Cemetery in Darke Co. Francis M died age 3 and is buried in Hardinville Cemetery, Crawford Co, Il. George and Jacob grew to adulthood in Crawford Co. Sarah Dersham Shire died in Crawford Co February 14, 1859 and is buried in Hardinville Cemetery next to her child Francis M. We saw these graves in 1992.

David remarried on March 4, 1860 to Iva Ann Bowman, a daughter of David Bowman. Iva Ann had a twin brother Robert who died at about age 15. David B and Iva Ann lived out their lives in the Annapolis area of Crawford County. Iva Ann died of Tuberculosis in 1900 and David died at the home of his daughter, Lucy Boyll in Hutsonville, Il. His obituary states that he always had a cheerful word for those he met every day.

We have a poem written by David in 1864 in his own handwriting which was in his Family Bible which was in the possession of Lucy Shire Adams in 1993 and now in possession of another Shire descendent. I copied this poem into my computer and intend to provide a copy with each Printout from now on.

Lowell W. Shire, a great grandson
Nov. 15 1998 
Shire, David B (P2308062939)
84 David Bowman in Illinois 
Bowman, David (P2381558181)
85 DAVID K. BOYER, Justice of the Peace. Dayton. son of David and Elizabeth Baker Boyer, was born in Raphoe Township, Lancaster Co.. Penn. December 19, 1811. His paternal grandfather was born near Metz. Germany ; his maternal grandfather was born in Hesse-Cassel. His father was born in a section of country called Mulbach, in Lancaster County Penn., in 1770, and died in the same county August 8, 1822. His mother was born in Lancaster City, Lancaster Co.. Penn.. 1775, and died in Parke County, Ohio, in April. 1852. Our subject came to this county April 27, 1840. He had a very limited German and English education in his youth, and was consequently obliged to rely on his was for a means of obtaining a livelihood. H e first kept a tavern at the seven mile store on the Covington pike, after which the taught school in Butler Township, and, on the 28th of April. 1841. he moved to Dayton, where he entered the store of Henry Harman in the capacity of clerk. He next engaged in peddling goods from a budget under his arm. On the 38th of June, 1843, he moved to Union, Montgomery County, and opened a store, in which He continued until elected Sheriff of' the county in 1856. He moved into the old jail November 3. 185G. His election being contested. the was ousted from office by political influence on the 15th of June, 1857. As an indication of the people's opinion of this unjust and unwarranted action, he was nominated and elected Clerk of the Court at the first election following (October 1857). To this office he was reelected in 1860. and after serving out his full term he entered the wholesale notion business, but with poor success. He then engaged in life and fire insurance, and continued in this until 1876, when he was elected to the office of Justice of the Peace, in which capacity he still continues. He was married on April 2, 1835, to Hannah Eby, of Manheim, Lancaster Co., Penn., by whom he had six children, three boys and three girls; of these, two boys and one girl now surviye. Mrs. Boyer died on the 21st of August, 1880. Mr. Boyer is a member of the Scottish and York Rites of Masons, and an Odd Fellow. He has been Grand Elector of the first Masonic District for the last six years. He left Pennsylvania with a one-horse wagon, $94 of money, and a family of two children. All that he has now, he has made by personal effort, and has no one to thank for his success but himself. Boyer, David Kolb (I472)
86 David Shire: age 84, born in Pennsylvania March 12, 1830, son of Jacob and Catherine Shire; married to Sarah Durham; born 2 children. Married again to Iva Bowman; born 6 children, 5 living. Jacob Shire died aged 58 and Catherine at 78.

Shire, David B (P2308062939)
87 Death Announcement 
Carter, Estelle (P2386853202)
88 Death Announcement 
Kirby, Rollin G (P2366947710)
89 Death Announcement - 2 
Kirby, Rollin G (P2366947710)
90 Death Certificate 
Boyll, James Archibald (P2384354172)
91 Death Certificate: 
Woodward, Caroline Harriet (P2318137997)
92 Death index for daughter Antonetta shows mother's maiden name as "Borjorsaath" Johnsdatter, Agnethe (I1683)
93 Death notice printed in Robinson Argus; 25 Dec 1930

View the document:

Shire, George Washington (P2316349479)
94 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P2314793672)
95 Died in his home. Shire, Jacob Calvin (P2299003951)
96 Died in Lillehammer of a "stroke to the head" Tronsen Baardseth, Engebret (P2370480333)
97 Died May 1, 1852 age 77y 8mo 8day
Stone says: Boyer, Elizabeth, wife of D. Boyer 
Baker, Elizabeth (I23)
98 Divorce Announcement 
Kirby, Janet (P2387652575)
99 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P2312485912)
100 Donald "Ole" Abrahamson, 86, of Cook passed away peacefully at the Cook Hospital on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008.

He was born Sept. 6, 1922, the son of Adolph and Hazel (Hanson) Abrahamson. Don grew up in Twig and graduated from Duluth Central High School in 1940. While living in Duluth he worked for the Duluth Steel Plant and Nelson-Peterson Grain Co. Don was called to serve in the Army in 1943 during World War II, in Rhineland and Central Europe, earning the rank of staff sergeant, and was honorably discharged in 1946. He was united in marriage to Evelyn M. Johnson on July 6, 1946 in Duluth. The couple then moved to Orr where he worked for Roy Johnson at Johnson?s One Stop for a total of 23 years. Don served as mayor of Orr in the late 1950s, was a founding member of Calvary Lutheran Church in Orr and served on the church council in many capacities. In 1968 Donald and Evelyn purchased Lammi's Store, and renamed it Ole?s Food Market. He was active in scouting and in the formation of Troop 122 of Orr, of which he received the privileged Silver Beaver Award. He was a charter member of the Orr Lions Club, and was the recipient of the honored Melvin Jones Fellow Award, and belonged to the Orr American Legion Post 480. In 1997 Don and Evelyn moved to Cook, where he was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church and served on its council, Cook Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1757, Cook Lions Club and did volunteer work at the Cook Nursing Home.

Ole's family would like to give a special thanks to the staff at the Cook Hospital for their care, support and kindness during his final illness.

Donald is survived by his wife of 62 years, Evelyn; a son, Kevin, of Cook; a grandson, Justin Abrahamson, of Gillette Wyo.; a sister, Phyllis Pearson, of Twig; numerous nieces and nephews; and special caregiver, Debbie Lenzen, of Cook.

He was preceded in death by his parents; a stepmother, Lillian Abrahamson; two sons; Donald Abrahamson Jr. in 1968, and Larry at child birth; four brothers, Melvin, Harvey, Norman and Homer Abrahamson; and two sisters, Elna Brown and Iris Renaud. 
Abrahamson, Donald Wesley (P2377225449)

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