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Paris, Edgar, Illinois


Tree: Conrad Shire Tree
In 1816, the land that is now Edgar County was offered for sale by the federal government. The land had been acquired through a treaty with the Kickapoo Indians. The following year, settlers began arriving, many via an Indian trail that became the Chicago-Vincennes Road (Illinois Route 1).

In 1822, Samuel Vance, a Virginian who moved to Illinois after a short stay in Kentucky, purchased 26 acres in the center of what was to become Edgar County. Two years later, Vance and his wife donated the 26 acres to the state for the purpose of establishing a new county seat.

It is most likely that Paris got its name from the word "Paris" carved on the side of an old jack-oak tree in the center of today’s downtown. It was incorporated as a village in 1849.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Haase, Anna Elizabeth  17 Aug 1897Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322146374 Conrad Shire Tree 
2 Haase, Benjamin Franklin  20 Dec 1912Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322148713 Conrad Shire Tree 
3 Haase, Charles James  20 Sep 1905Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322147115 Conrad Shire Tree 
4 Haase, Michael Glenwood  27 Jan 1911Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322147568 Conrad Shire Tree 
5 Hurst, Hugh H  15 Oct 1904Paris, Edgar, Illinois I720 Conrad Shire Tree 
6 Steidl, Benjamin F  12 Jul 1889Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322203314 Conrad Shire Tree 
7 Steidl, George W  27 May 1891Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322203568 Conrad Shire Tree 
8 Steidl, Joseph Vincent  05 Apr 1894Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322204060 Conrad Shire Tree 
9 Steidl, Victor Anthony  27 Sep 1897Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322204349 Conrad Shire Tree 
10 Wade, Dymple  21 Aug 1898Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322485658 Conrad Shire Tree 
11 Wade, Leslie Oren  14 Mar 1908Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322491256 Conrad Shire Tree 
12 Wade, Marcella Jane  02 Jun 1914Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322492814 Conrad Shire Tree 
13 Wade, William Henry  21 Apr 1868Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322474827 Conrad Shire Tree 
14 Wilson, Ronald Edgar  17 Dec 1937Paris, Edgar, Illinois I722 Conrad Shire Tree 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blanche S  05 May 1947Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2332546451 Conrad Shire Tree 
2 Bell, Carrie Bertha  13 Mar 1959Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2321980757 Conrad Shire Tree 
3 Bowen, Ray  01 Apr 1968Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2381741963 Conrad Shire Tree 
4 Cunningham, Margaret J  10 Dec 1987Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2381892273 Conrad Shire Tree 
5 Gosnell, George W  18 Dec 1919Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2321958398 Conrad Shire Tree 
6 Gosnell, Ida Icy  03 Apr 1993Paris, Edgar, Illinois I718 Conrad Shire Tree 
7 Gosnell, William Henry  20 Feb 1941Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2321960122 Conrad Shire Tree 
8 Haase, Anna Elizabeth  10 Jan 1988Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322146374 Conrad Shire Tree 
9 Haase, Benjamin Franklin  13 Oct 1913Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322148713 Conrad Shire Tree 
10 Haase, Charles James  22 Jun 1964Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322147115 Conrad Shire Tree 
11 Haase, Ida Elizabeth  28 Dec 1941Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322152891 Conrad Shire Tree 
12 Haase, Joseph Bernard  14 Feb 1959Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322140711 Conrad Shire Tree 
13 Haase, Joseph Bernard Jr.  24 Nov 1954Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322145940 Conrad Shire Tree 
14 Haase, Michael Glenwood  05 Dec 1983Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322147568 Conrad Shire Tree 
15 Hamblin, Harley Hershel  27 Jun 1968Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322263088 Conrad Shire Tree 
16 Hurst, Hugh H  Sep 1982Paris, Edgar, Illinois I720 Conrad Shire Tree 
17 Lacy, Howard G  31 Oct 1939Paris, Edgar, Illinois I740 Conrad Shire Tree 
18 Riley, Thomas P  08 Oct 1924Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2321974131 Conrad Shire Tree 
19 Shire, Alexander W  29 Jan 1893Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2399462516 Conrad Shire Tree 
20 Shire, BabyBoy1  10 Oct 1885Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2399462114 Conrad Shire Tree 
21 Shire, Sophia E  28 Jan 1893Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2399462746 Conrad Shire Tree 
22 Steidl, Agnes Helen  23 Feb 1975Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322202717 Conrad Shire Tree 
23 Street, Margaret  28 Jan 1923Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2321979672 Conrad Shire Tree 
24 Wade, Emily Catherine  22 Mar 1905Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2299007802 Conrad Shire Tree 
25 Wade, Exis M  09 Apr 1921Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2321651879 Conrad Shire Tree 
26 Wade, Leo Lindle  16 Jan 1980Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322488670 Conrad Shire Tree 
27 Wade, Mary Elizabeth  14 Feb 1937Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2321958187 Conrad Shire Tree 
28 Wade, Walter Grant  1938Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322470131 Conrad Shire Tree 
29 Wade, William Edwin  13 Aug 1945Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2321980247 Conrad Shire Tree 
30 Wade, William Henry  07 Dec 1942Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2322474827 Conrad Shire Tree 
31 Welch, Effie Cecile  Jul 1977Paris, Edgar, Illinois I716 Conrad Shire Tree 
32 Wilson, Lawrence Leo  08 Feb 1974Paris, Edgar, Illinois I721 Conrad Shire Tree 

Census Data

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census Data    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wade, Emily Catherine  1870Paris, Edgar, Illinois P2299007802 Conrad Shire Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Curl / Coleman  10 Nov 1897Paris, Edgar, Illinois F1435 Conrad Shire Tree 
2 Curl / Lacy  01 Feb 1875Paris, Edgar, Illinois F1428 Conrad Shire Tree 
3 Gosnell / Welch  04 Nov 1908Paris, Edgar, Illinois F1421 Conrad Shire Tree 
4 Haase / Drake  30 Jul 1894Paris, Edgar, Illinois F242 Conrad Shire Tree 
5 Hurst / Gosnell  14 Dec 1929Paris, Edgar, Illinois F1423 Conrad Shire Tree 
6 Steidl / Waller  19 May 1912Paris, Edgar, Illinois F262 Conrad Shire Tree 
7 Wade / Street  11 Apr 1878Paris, Edgar, Illinois F169 Conrad Shire Tree