Surname Connections

Genealogy of the Shire and Maddox surnames and all connected families

Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Browne, Jonathan  15 Sep 1635Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1375 Conrad Shire Tree 
2 Childs, Jonas  14 Jun 1713Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1335 Conrad Shire Tree 
3 Sanderson, William Jr  6 Sep 1670Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1366 Conrad Shire Tree 
4 Sanderson, William III  10 Apr 1706Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1539 Conrad Shire Tree 
5 Shattuck, Amos  19 Mar 1695Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1350 Conrad Shire Tree 
6 Shattuck, Anna  8 Dec 1677Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1365 Conrad Shire Tree 
7 Shattuck, Benjamin  15 Mar 1685Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1347 Conrad Shire Tree 
8 Shattuck, Deborah  10 Oct 1671Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1362 Conrad Shire Tree 
9 Shattuck, Isaac  Abt 1694Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1340 Conrad Shire Tree 
10 Shattuck, John  11 Feb 1647Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1373 Conrad Shire Tree 
11 Shattuck, Joseph  12 Aug 1681Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1345 Conrad Shire Tree 
12 Shattuck, Joseph  6 Mar 1687Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1348 Conrad Shire Tree 
13 Shattuck, Mary  25 Aug 1645Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1372 Conrad Shire Tree 
14 Shattuck, Nathaniel  14 Jan 1689Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1349 Conrad Shire Tree 
15 Shattuck, Philip  Abt 1649Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1343 Conrad Shire Tree 
16 Shattuck, Philip  26 Jan 1673Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1363 Conrad Shire Tree 
17 Shattuck, Philip  19 Oct 1699Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1353 Conrad Shire Tree 
18 Shattuck, Rebecca  10 Mar 1683Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1346 Conrad Shire Tree 
19 Shattuck, Sarah  26 Oct 1696Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1351 Conrad Shire Tree 
20 Shattuck, Susanna  6 Aug 1675Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1364 Conrad Shire Tree 
21 Shattuck, Theophilus  Abt 1698Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1352 Conrad Shire Tree 
22 Whitney, Ruth  15 Apr 1645Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1374 Conrad Shire Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Shattuck, Deborah  19 Oct 1671Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1362 Conrad Shire Tree 
2 Shattuck, Joseph  7 Nov 1683Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1345 Conrad Shire Tree 
3 Shattuck, William  14 Aug 1672Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1359 Conrad Shire Tree 
4 UNKNOWN, Susanna  11 Dec 1686Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1360 Conrad Shire Tree